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5 Things to Think About Before Installing a New Boiler

Installing a new boiler to your home is a type of high-end investment that requires considerable thought and consideration, particularly if you are planning to install a brand-new heating system. Here are five essential things from NextGen boiler and heater experts for you to consider before you are planning to install a new boiler in your home.

What type of boiler do you need?

Choosing the right type of boiler for your home is the most important aspect for you to consider before planning to install a boiler in your home. There are 3 different types of gas boilers available for you to choose from.

The Heat only boiler: Also known as the conventional boiler, this type of boilers will enable you to store hot water in water cylinder or tank that can be used later for any purpose.

The Combination boiler: Known as the Combi boiler, it heats the water as of the need, eliminating the need of the storage tank.

The System Boiler: This boiler is just like the heat-only boiler but has more components built in it. A system boiler is the easiest of the other conventional boiler to have it installed, as they tend to take up less space.

Make sure your boiler is from a trusted brand

The more reliable your boiler is, the less unexpected costs you are likely to eke out on unwanted extensive repairs. It is highly recommended to have your own research pattern when you are considering the brand that suits you good. It is also good to consult an experienced boiler owner and hearken to their opinion so that you will get a good understanding of the brands.

In this way, you have a clear idea of familiarity and understand the different brands. Consideration and high research are the keys when selecting the suitable boiler brand type of your liking. Always go for a reliable brand and don’t be tempted to buy cheap brands, lest to suffer from unexpected repairs and freezing cold home.

Have a word with a certified engineer

Your boiler engineer will be an invaluable source of good information to you when you are in the process of buying a boiler. It is always good to have the opinion of the boiler engineer when you are planning to install a boiler. The engineer will also help you in selecting the right brand of the boiler based on your requirement.

You must also make sure that your boiler engineer is a certified professional in the field and is well versed of all the safety requirements. Also, it is very essential to find out the efficiency rating of your new boiler and check it with your engineer.

Choose the right boiler size

While you are choosing the right type of boiler, it’s important to determine the size of the boiler that you require for your house. Two things are more important when you are considering the best boiler size

  • The size of the boiler (whether it will fit aptly in the destined space)
  • The heating and hot water capability of the boiler

The correct size of the boiler will add a new and furnished look to your home. It is always a good practice in consulting your engineer before choosing the best-fit boiler size for your home.

Does the boiler come with a warranty?

Since the boiler is a high-end investment, it needs careful consideration before you buy one. The boiler should be guaranteed for a fine functioning and against the repairs, it should also include parts and labour. It is good to check with the engineer regarding all these matters.

It is always good to ask these queries, so as not to get a faulty or an unreliable boiler or boiler that comes with expensive parts when it goes out of function.

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