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7 Loft Extension Ideas for you from NextGen Experts

If you're looking for extra living room, then loft conversion ideas from NextGen’s experts will give you the inspiration you need to get your project off the ground. A well-designed loft room can provide extra living space and can help free up a busy household. If you're considering an attic conversion to add an extra lounge, a bathroom, a guest bedroom or even an open plan kitchen area to your home, it's a very smart alternative to a normal house extension and could bring even more value to your home.

Before you start any work on the interior design of your loft conversion, it's important to put all your design ideas in order. It's not just the structure, but also your budget, the layout of the space, the location of the windows and, of course, the energy efficiency of your loft that you need to consider. At NextGen, we're dealing with all your loft conversion plans, but however, we've mentioned a few loft extension ideas. If you need any professional help you can check it with our professionals who are ready to help with the process.

1. Create a guest room out of a small loft conversion

If you're researching small loft conversion ideas – maybe a cosy child's space, a home office, maybe even a kids' TV room or a teen crash pad, first work out whether your little loft is large enough to expand. Keep the design of this small loft space simple, and the light colour scheme brightens it so that it looks more spacious than it actually does!

2. Plan the layout of the furniture at the design stage

You need to understand the layout of your completed loft conversion long before you start working. This means determining where the furniture pieces, the bathroom and any built-in storage are to be put.

If you are planning an en suite, take into account the height of the ceiling in the room and give priority to the pieces – namely the shower and the hand basin – that cannot compromise the headroom.

3. Use loft conversion to balance out your house

If you have all the living space you like downstairs, but you do not have bedrooms and bathrooms, then a loft conversion can be the ideal way to bring home in proportion. Many loft conversions are used for an extra bedroom or two with an en-suite bathroom. Other common uses include a teenage room, a movie theatre or a home office. If your home has beautiful views, you might consider moving some of the living spaces up into the new loft, too, to take full advantage of them.

4. Incorporate a stylish bathroom in your loft conversion

Awkward proportions and heavy beams do not have to be a limiting factor in building a bathroom in the loft. Although the showers need a minimum amount of headroom and easy access, a separate bath can be installed under a low ceiling. Simple shapes and a typical colour palette fit well with the architecture of the time.

5. Create a home office in the loft conversion

If the extra bedroom in the loft isn't what your family wants, but you're working from home, a home office could be a fine, lost conversion idea for you. To improve efficiency, a home office needs plenty of natural light, such that black-out blinds and heavy materials can be avoided.

Instead, opt for soft blinds in calming neutral shades that still let the light in, but also reduce the glare when closed, enabling you to work effectively even when the sun begins to fall.

6. Fit it fine for kids

Lofts make great kids' bedrooms, playrooms or additional room for kids and teens, but it's important to keep them comfortable so they get the most out of it.

At NextGen, we suggest keeping the scheme simple and adding personality by the use of soft furniture and other accessories, so that adjustments can be made easily (and inexpensively) as their desires change.

7. Dressing room? Well, a great idea

This bespoke dressing room (the stuff of dreams, isn't it?) makes good use of the storage space on the eaves, which combats the limitations of a sloppy sloping roof.

A large skylight fills the room with natural light, while flooring is designed to offer the impression of a longer room. We love the idea of tacking this walk-in closet on the side of a large master bedroom.

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