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The usage of electrical appliances and its timely malfunctions are unavoidable circumstances that everyone faces. But electrical emergencies that happen at home are serious instances that need instant rectification. Despite being immensely careful with electrical systems, electrical emergencies can happen due to varied reasons that include poor wiring, faulty appliances leading to potential dangers.

Hence to minimize the dangers involved, it is very important for everyone to possess the basic knowledge of most common electrical emergencies and things to do during an electrical emergency.

What are the most common electrical emergencies?

Electrical shock, power outage, electrical fire, burning wires, burnt electrical sockets, fallen power linesare some instances of commonly encountered electrical emergencies. The wisest thing to do of all would be to call professional electrician in your area to deal with the issue. But then, there are few things that you can do for each scenario to keep the situation in control until the professional electrician arrives. Let’s see them

Things that you should do based on each scenario


Power outages are quite common. But to term it as an electrical emergency, you need to identify if the occurrence is unusual. Power blackouts due to storms, power line issues and power shortages are some instances of electrical emergencies.

In case of electrical emergencies mentioned above first thing you need to do is to turn off all the major electrical appliances in your house through the circuit breaker. Sudden power fluctuations during storms can damage your appliances. Try to check with your neighbours or your power distributors using your cell phones to know the exact cause of the situation and how long this will last.

Electrical shocks

You can encounter minor electrical shocks in your household due to some wiring issues or wet electrical sockets. These minor shock situations can be handled easily by yourself or with the help of a professional electrician. But major electric shocks involving persistent electrocution to a person is an electrical emergency which need immediate action First off, do not touch the person and keep your distance from the person in contact with electricity. For obvious reasons. Do not panic and try to think about averting the situation.

Locate the circuit box and turn off the power to that part of the house as quickly as possible. Do not try to turn off the appliance involved in the electrocution impulsively as you can be electrocuted too.

After cutting off power supply, separate the person from the appliance or wire using an insulating material. Then call for medical assistance to recoup the person.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are alarming electrical emergencies that needs to be handled immediately as can they spread out and can turn difficult to put out. Electrical fires are usually caused by short circuiting of the wires. This is not the case for your electrician. Immediately call fire assistance to help you with it.

You can also use fire extinguishers to put out lighter fires. But knowing your fire extinguisher is significant in putting out fires as there are many different types. Electrical fires are best handled by Carbon dioxide, Sodium/Potassium bicarbonate, Ammonium phosphate extinguishers depending upon the class of the fire.

Never ever use a water fire extinguisher for electrical fires as water conducts electricity and poses huge danger to the one handling it.

Power line issues

Electrical emergencies mentioned above can happen due to fallen power lines. These power lines transport high levels of current and distribute them to your houses. Disruption in these power lines can turn out to be dangerous if not taken care of immediately.

Trees in contact with the fallen power lines pose grave threat as they may not be clearly visible. Hence stay away from. Do not attempt drive over them and try to keep others in the area away from them by using some signboards.

Do not go anywhere near the power lines as you are not equipped to handle them. Call your professional electrician in your area and emergency services to deal with the mess created by power lines

Strict adherence to electrical safety guidelines can minimize the electrical emergencies. However, it is significant that every individual be prepared for any incident of as these emergencies are quite unexpected despite following the safety standards.

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