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A Complete Guide for flooring by NextGen flooring Experts

Good flooring is necessary for a perfect setting for the home. If your flooring is flawless and refined, it will backdrop perfectly to the wall covering of the home, adding grandeur to the home. Flooring is one of the important interior decoration techniques and will have a practical impact.

There are many different types of flooring options available. From the wonderful furnished form of wood flooring to the soft tender touch of the carpet. Certain types of flooring go well with certain types of rooms and you may readily associate the flooring with space they are going to occupy.

With the coming of ultra-modern techniques in manufacturing, you have a lot of flooring types available as taking in options. In this complete guide, our NextGen experts offer you some excellent ideas on curating a perfect type of flooring for your living space.

Choosing the right flooring option

The type of flooring you are choosing completely depends on the space that you are planning to fit it in. A bedroom flooring type will not be suitable for the kitchen. When you are planning to install new flooring to your home, you must have the style of home in your mind.

Also, there is an imperative need to consider the budget. There are some key points to consider when you are planning to floor the different sections of your home. Below are some flooring options for different rooms, for you to consider.

  • Wood flooring to the soft tender touch of the carpet
  • Ultra-modern techniques in manufacturing
  • Curating a perfect type of flooring for your living space.
  • Wall covering of the home, adding grandeur to the home.
  • Sewer system backups


A hallway is the place which is used frequently and gets the most footfall in your home. The flooring requires to be hard in the hallway and also must have fine patterns or designs as this is the first space that attracts the eye of the visitors.

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are the best floorings option to consider as they are extremely durable and can take in the workload of hard treads. Laminate flooring is another option to consider as this type can take in the general wear and tear which the hall is subjected to.

Living room and Dining room

Being one of the most used places, the living room needs aversatile flooring structurebeing both practical and hard. Carpet and wooden floors are the perfect options to consider.

If you are choosing a wooden floor, it is good to furnish it with rugs as it makes the floor feel soft for the foot. Vinyl tile is another great option for a living room

The dining room is the meeting point of the home, where most of the family gathering on important occasions take place. When it comes to the dining room, hardwood tile is a perfect flooring option, as it gives a classic and timeless look to the dining area


The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and it is the space in the home that receives the most footfall in the repetitive spots. The chances of spillage and splattering from food and drinks are very high.

It is necessary that the flooring of the kitchen be durable and have a low maintenance, for this sealed and stone porcelain tiles are the great options, which makes the kitchen quintessentially pleasing to the eyes.


A bathroom is the wet zone of the home and it needs a waterproof and a slip-resistant flooring type. Porcelain tiles are the best options for bathroom flooring, as it is highly waterproof, cost-effective and inexpensive.

Porcelain tiles give a good look to the bathroom floor, and alike the stone tiling it can give solidity to the floor with rich texture. You can also add some patterns with the tiles to give a unique touch of creative high-end finish to the floor

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