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5 Useful Plumbing Tips All New Homeowners Must Know

So now that you have become a homeowner, and so you also own and are responsible for all of its systems—including the plumbing. While learning how to install flooring or put up kitchen backsplash is certainly more fun, understanding how to deal with basic plumbing problems is an important component of owning a home.

Before you know it, left unchecked, small plumbing issues can turn into big ones, potentially adding up to thousands of pounds in plumbing bills. Having a basic knowledge of plumbing skills will serve you as a homeowner well throughout your years, even if it's just understanding how to prevent water from splashing out of the pipes until a professional can arrive to fix the problem.

Just purchased a house and have no idea how plumbing works beyond turning a tap on? Here are five of homeowners' most basic plumbing tips from Nextgen’s plumbing experts which will give you good peace of mind.

1.Find the major water valve shut-off and know how to turn it off

The most important of all plumbing tips for new homeowners to learn, is to locate and know how to turn off the water. Each home has a shut-off valve for the main water line, either located in the basement, near the water heater, under the kitchen sink or outside the house in a covered utility box in the ground. Your inspector should have pointed out the location of the main shut-off valve in the report so be sure to refer to it if you can't find it.

Turn the valve clockwise with your hand, to turn the water off at the main shut-off valve. This will stop the water flow into your house. 

2.Know what can go down the garbage disposal—and What shouldn’t

Garbage disposal is extremely delicate. Knowing what garbage disposal can and can't be put down will save you from causing a huge clog. Here's a list of items not to bring the disposal down:

  • Eggshell
  • Rough bones
  • Coffee grounds
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Peeled potatoes
  • Cooking oil and grease
  • Pasta and rice 

3.Know how to use a plunger

If you own a house, it's likely that at some stage you'll need to use a plunger to unblock a toilet, sink or bath. To use a plunger efficiently, you would first need to find the right plunger for a job: a toilet flange and a cup plunger for tubs and sinks.

If you're plunging a sink or bath, you'll need to seal off any overflow holes first, and then make sure the right volume of water is in the basin you're plunging — not too much, not too small. Then, whether you're plunging into a toilet, sink or bath, get a tight seal and then plunge up and down for about 20 seconds in a vertical motion.

4.Protect your pipes from a tough freezing weather

If you live in a cold environment with temperatures below zero, then in winter you'll need to learn how to stop your pipes from freezing over. Any time the outside temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll need to take preventive measures to avoid freezing your pipes, which can cause heavy headache for plumbing.

You can do all the following things to protect your pipes from freezing:

  • Keep all cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathroom so that warm air can flow to the pipes.
  • Put on a slow drip all the water taps, so that water is always flowing.
  • Wrap insulation around exposed pipes, either using a heat band or a pipe sleeve.

5.Learn how to fix a leaking pipe

One of the basic tips a new homeowner can use for plumbing is to know how to spot and fix a leaking pipe. Leaving a leaking pipe untouched is more than just frustration — it can possibly cause severe damage. Shut down the water valve and do one of the following temporary repairs before the plumber arrives to determine what caused the leak and how to repair it properly:

  • Apply adhesive superglue to leakage.
  • Buy a pipe fastener and seal the leakage area.
  • Use a pipe repair kit with tape.

An issue with plumbing isn't something you want to sit on. Now that you're a homeowner for the first time, you must find your go-to plumber who is very fast, reliable, affordable and available and this where we come at. 

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