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Renovating your home A planner from NextGen Experts

Renovating your home is a very good idea, it is like breathing a new life into an old home. Renovation is a daunting process but it is very rewarding if you are planning a perfect renovation for your home. With these effective steps, you can plan a perfect renovation for your home.

Here is a planner from NextGen experts offering a brief outlook on renovating your home.

1. Let your home be ready for a change

When you are planning a renovation project, it must well be remembered that you must keep your home ready for a change.

An important factor in determining whether your home is capable of taking the overhaul and stand the test is good to have the condition of your home checked by a professional surveyor especially on the floorboards, stairs and roof.

2. Estimate the budget well

Every task or project you are planning needs an allotted cost to have it planned and performed efficiently. Creating a budget for a very large-scale project like the renovation process of your home is going to be a very big challenge.

When you are undertaking a renovation project of a building or house you require a good amount of money, with plenty of planning and research.

3. Plan out a perfect schedule

Planning out a perfect schedule is very important when you are planning for a home renovation. In this way, you are charting a basic plan that is essential in carrying forward the process of renovation and the scheming out what needs to be done from the beginning to the end of the project.

In this way, you are creating an ideal list of things to be done to smooth running of the project from the start. The easiest way for framing a budget is the innate knowledge of knowing the things you need exactly for the process.

Here is a typical work schedule that usually is a traditional way of doing a houserenovation. It is very advisable to have a word with professionals in this regard, getting it, all planned out properly

  • Reviewing the current state of the hous
  • Checking for minor and major repair
  • Stability of the building and basement
  • Spotting for dampnes.
  • Accessing the drains
  • Demolition work
  • Proper removal of debris
  • Creating a strong foundation
  • Working on the exterior
  • Paving with right Plaster
  • Drying it out
  • Flooring it right
  • Furnishing the house properly
  • Clean the house well
  • “Home new home” “home sweet home”

4. Analyse the building’s condition and stabilise it

When it comes to any type of home renovation project it is very important to get into a detailed analysis and assessment of the current condition of the home. In this regard, you are paving the way to start the project well and preparing yourself for the hindrances that you may face while you are in the middle of the task

Doing a measured survey of the structure of the building gives you accurate plans to counter the existing problem, that you may rectify while you are live on the renovation.

It also helps you to take a look at other issues such as infestation and dampness. While you have completed the analysis of the structure of your existing property, you can finalise your plans.

5. Secure the building Weathertight

You must also make it a topmost priority that the building is weathertight and cover up any missing doors or windows. In case of roof damage or a portion of the roof is damaged with exposed holes, let it be covered.

When you have made your building weathertight, it helps you in the advanced stages of renovation like joining, plastering and electrical connection, for that a dry building is needed. Making your property weathertight greatly speeds up the process.

Also, it is highly recommended to build a temporary structural stabilisation in place; like scaffoldings to prevent a slide or collapse. Scaffolding helps in giving a general idea of the condition of the chimney stacks and the lead flashing around it.

6. A good contractor is required for a good home renovation

You must find a good, skilled, trustworthy and an authorised contractor for a successful home renovation. You can also get recommendations from friends, family and acquaintances for a perfectly suited builder or an architect for your renovation project.

In case you need a project manager, you can hire one, else you take up the role yourself and carry forward the task and coordinate the team effectively

7. Insurance for the renovation

The foremost aspect of a proper renovation starts with proper insurance. It is an absolute necessity to insure the home contents and the building. A specialist expert in innovation insurance can help you in this choosing a standard insurance policy for the building site.

8.Have a design ready for the renovation process

It is very worthy to allocate a good amount of time in choosing the perfectly desired and well-furnished design for your home, in this way you are making sure that the finished product of your property meets your need. It is good to plan out what are the changes you are going to make to the old structure and how the changes will be reworked to essentially fit with the original building.

Having a design also helps you to add extensions that could blend with the existing property, mingling the old and new elements on the original appearance, or tweaking to transform the exterior of your home.

You must also meticulously plan out the placement of rooms and can also get a word of advice from trusted architectural designer to create a proper architectural niche to your house.

9. Install the assemblages properly

When it comes to installing the important assemblages of a newly renovated house, the first thing that comes to the mind is plumbing and electric wire connections. They can be chosen as per your wish and trending lifestyle. Updating the boiler and heating system comes next, and can add significant value to your property.

10. The first fix and the second fix

When the internal layout of the project is changed, it is time for the installations to be worked on the home’s exterior and put on the plasters. Followed by this electrics, phones, internet connections and various other installations will be carried on. Ceilings and cables will be reinforced and be brought to the position

This is followed by the second fix which is the next stage where many of the items like kitchen appliances, bathroom taps, power connections in ceiling and walls will get installed. Activation of bathroom and heating system will also be done in this stage.

11. Decorating and moving in

Decorating is the final stage of renovation, where you will stamp your authority in the newly built home making it yours, every household items and essential things are installed successfully by now. And it is time to move in and lead a new life in a brand-new home.

Renovating a home can be a tough ask, but with a proper plan and structure, it is a very easy job that can help you to transform your property into a dream home. With this renovation planner from NextGen experts, your home renovation task becomes very easy

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