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8 Handyman Checks for Homeowners and Landlord.

Most of the properties have a list of maintenance tasks that need the services of a professional handyman. Being a responsible homeowner or a landlord, it is your obliging duty to make your property as welcoming as possible for the tenants to occupy.

If you are planning to rent out a property, then it will become your utmost responsibility to make sure that the condition of your property is perfectly maintained and amicable to the prospected tenants. The facilities of your place must be habitable, as all the outlying issues in plumbing, electrics, heating system etc, are solved, ensuring sound stability in the structure.

Check 1: Electrical lines

Having a thorough check on the electrical lines and system is the important factor for every homeowner and landlord. Electricity is the most essential part of human life and as a responsible landowner, it is the most obliging duty of a homeowner to make sure that there is no fault in the electrical makeup. A periodical check by a professional electrician on a regular basis will keep your property in good stead to attract tenants.

Check 2: Keep the detectors in a good condition

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be kept in a premium quality working condition. Hire an expert electrician to ensure a proper working condition of the detectors, as it is a very important component in the home and must be very reliable.

Check 3: Plumb it perfect

Plumbing is one of the major issues that spurts up when it is least expected, also a property lacking proper plumbing is on a high risk to go unoccupied by the prospected tenants. Plumbing woes can be miserable and frustrating to undergo if you let it prolong for a while. Checking for broken pipes, leaky taps and clogged drains and fixing them is very important before you let out a property

Check 4: Inspect the boilers

Boilers are of utmost importance for most of the homes in the U.K. If you want your home to be most comfortable and cosier make sure the central heating system is working in a perfect condition. If not settle in to install a new set boiler with the service of an exceptional handyman.

Check 5: Have your porch polished

A porch is a space that is expected to be highly tidy and polished fine. A porch must be cleaned perfectly and devoid of fallen leaves, dust and debris. If there is an invasion from algae and moss, make sure to rinse water and scrape it off with a knife, use a brush hand in hand. Inspect the deck for rotten boards and hammer the nails that are unwantedly projecting out.

Check 6: Spare a thought to the windows

Making renovation and repair to the windows is the simplest of all property maintenance task but also the most easily forgettable. The bolts and hinges of the windows must be checked for rusts, as it may hinder a proper functioning. The coating must also be checked for corrosion and the glasses and panes must be regularly rid of dirt.

Check 7: Caring about the plants

If you have a garden in your property then it is always good to have a thought on the plants. Adding mulch to the plants especially the flowering plants is highly recommended and it is also necessary to clean the shrubbery of debris and fallen leaves.

Check 8: Water the plants well and trim the lawns

A perfectly manicured garden is essential to attract attention, for that the foliage must be trimmed evenly. If you have a lawn, make sure it is mowed properly in suitable stubble length, for a uniform look. Instead of watering the plants lightly on a daily basis it is advised to water the plants well twice a week.

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