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Gardens are great if they are curated properly following a set of professional ideas. Gardening and landscaping is a favoured hobby, running deep in the veins of English blood. A perfect garden gives a touch of nature to your home.

Water your plants

It must be well remembered that all types of plants and trees in your garden, need water even in winter. Watering the plants in cold weather regularly, helps it absorb before getting trapped or frozen.In this way, you can your keep your garden nourished.

Covering the plants in container

As far as the container plants being concerned, use a specially designed frost cover or that helps in retaining the heat. Usage of plastic or polythene sheet is not advisable. In case of having potted plants, move it indoors, only after cleaning the container.

Use organic mulch

Before the frost sets in, our experts recommend you to place a layer of selected organic mulch around theplants, as it keeps the root temperature stable. Using mulch is one of the best gardening ideas to preserve your plant and keep your soil nourished.

A suitable place for susceptible plants

For the tender plants or bulbs that would be susceptible to frost damage, make sure to dig up the top soil. Trim the stems and find them a more suitable place to spend the winter such as in a box or on an indoor window sill.

Remove the dead leaves

Removing dead leaves and branches, keeps the shrubbery clean. Make sure to trim the growth less than a quarter, as you run the risk of damaging the plant.

Dispose the rubble

You must make sure to regularly dispose unwanted rubble, debris, or any diseased foliage from your garden.

Use coarsegrit

A soil condition is good, only when a proper Ph level is maintained. To facilitate this purpose a best prepared British gardener will stock coarse grit in their garden, as it improves the overall texture the of soil and protects it from the freezing weather conditions.

Clear the lawn

Though a lawn mower is far from use in winter, it is still good to have a routine cleaning process when it comes to maintaining lawns. Clear the lawns of moss or thatch to help the roots to keep firm. Rake the lawns using prongs.

Keep your tools ready

A Garden needs to be well-preparedwhen it comes to face the winter’s pall. So, it is very important that you stack up your shed with handy gardening tools and keep them ready for the rising occasion.Also, it is highly recommended that the tools are serviced properly before use and swap if doesn’t fit the purpose.

Choosing the right fertiliser

When it comes to fertilisers there are many types available in the market, but the trick lies in choosing the right kind of fertiliser for your plants. It is a widely understood that most fertilisers do not facilitate the desired need in winter. So, it is imperative to choose the rightly required fertiliser for your garden and the best way to apply it is through a spray applicator. In this way the plants extract the essential nutrient.

Cover ponds

If you have cover a pond in your garden, it is good to have it covered with a thin net of mesh or a tarpaulin cover, to prevent unnecessary stacking up of fallen leaves that may putrefy later. The fallen leaves can be easily collected from on top of the covered material and can later be composted.

Have an eye on pests

Pests especially insects can cause serious damage to your garden, if they are not kept at bay. It is advisable that you are armed with proper repellent to counter the pest problem when it rises.

Knock off the snow

Heavy snow fall burden the plant with additional weight and can cause it to crackle, so it is good to clear off the accumulated snow to prevent any sort of unwanted damage to the plant. In this regard flowering plants like rose require some extra attention.

Add compost

Composts supply organic nutrients to the soil and keeps the plant healthy. Adding compost is an excellent gardening process to preserve your plant in winter.

Equip a portable greenhouse in your garden

Winter can be very severe on some plants and might cause them to wither. Equipping a small greenhouse in your garden will help in preserving those vulnerable plants.

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