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Maintenance and Handyman Services for Commercial Business.

Taking care of a business is a round the clock work that needs constant supervision, and is absolutely energy sapping when you have little or no time to spare an eye on it. Those little maintenance work on your premises can consume a lot of time if it goes unattended or unchecked and even worse can adversely affect your business.

At NextGen handyman, we believe that we can save your time, energy and money from these minor gnawing issues. Our bespoke professionals give the best commercial property maintenance services in Maida Vale and Ladbroke Grove. Being very trusted, professional and service-oriented our team of experts will solve your woes be it small or big.

The need for a proper handyman service

Maintaining a commercial business is a tough task if you don’t have required time for it. It goes without a saying that a commercial place must be befittingly good for doing a proper business. It is the unexpected nature of the maintenance trouble to bombshell you unheralded, at that juncture, the service of a skilled handyman is absolutely imperative.

Be it a small plumbing issue, a DIY disaster or a fault in electrical lines, our all-round handyman services can help you overcome the hourly hurdles with a minimal or no disruption to your business at a very affordable cost. Our handyman services include.

Plumbing it perfect

Minor plumbing problems can turn into monsters if left unattended, fixing a leaky pipe could be a lengthy process with all the hub-bub in your commercial space. Our qualified plumbers can make your job easier by solving your woes such as burst pipes, leaky taps or complete fixture replacement.

Excellence in electrics

Be it fitting a light or providing your living space with completely new electrical connection our team of professional electricians can help you in fitting a new telephone socket or replacing a new transformer completely.

A point to paint

Want a top-notch painting and decorating services for your commercial space? Our trained set of professionals offer more than just standard painting and decoration services by transforming your commercial space into a place full of life and colour. We take care of your office décor needs and ensure that every corner of your space looks perfect.

Hourly handyman services

Performing a basic handyman service all by yourself in a commercial space is a tough ask. Hiring a handyman expert from Nextgen would bring you a broad range of benefits to your commercial space.

Craft in Carpentry services

We provide standard and budget-friendly carpentry services from building walls to furniture assemblage and from building slide doors to laminating your floor and much more. Our team of professionals also extend services at odd hours.

Flooring it fabulously

Choosing the right flooring can make your commercial place beautiful with a high profile. A perfect flooring for your office, can enhance a good mood and make it look simple and elegant. Our professional flooring team can assist you in a wide range of tasks like replacing the floor to yearly maintenance.

Make it real with the refurbishment

Transforming your commercial space into a brand new one can be a brilliant idea. But then, it must be well remembered that refurbishing could completely transform the commercial place. Whatever the property size may be – large or small, we can make it look good as new and transform it completely with all the finishing touches.

For folks who are looking for expert maintenance and handyman services for commercial business in London, Greater London, and surrounding areas – we hear you! Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

Nextgen Handyman is your reliable partner for engaging professional handymen to tend to all your household needs. We have the resources and expert handymen for household services that include plumbing, electrics, heating & boilers, carpentry, flooring, painting refurbishment and a lot more. Let us take complete responsibility of all your housekeeping activities in London. Contact us at 0208 037 9944 or mail us to info@nextgenhandyman.co.uk.

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